For sale in The Winston


A list of units for The Winston giving a detailed breakdown of what is available for sale.

Price Range
Label Price Status Plans
101 R3,650,000  Available Type C
108 R3,850,000  Available Type C
110 R2,900,000  Available Type Hm
111 R2,900,000  Available Type H
201 R3,600,000  Available Type C
202 R2,875,000  Available Type H
204 R2,875,000  Available Type Hm
205 R4,475,000  Available Type B
207 R3,850,000  Available Type Cm
210 R2,875,000  Available Type Hm
211 R2,875,000  Available Type H
214 R3,850,000  Available Type Cm
304 R3,900,000  Available Type D
306 R3,800,000  Available Type F
308 R4,050,000  Available Type C
309 R3,100,000  Available Type H
311 R3,100,000  Available Type H
102 Sold Out  Sold Type H
103 Sold Out  Sold Type G
104 Sold Out  Sold Type Hm