About us

HelloHouse aims to be a niche property finding service, positioning ourselves headlong within the trajectory of aspiring home-owners who desire to live in a secure residential community, whether it be an established development or still in planning phase. As the trend of community living gathers momentum, we believe that the information regarding these developments should be available in one, easily accessible repository, right down to individual unit level.

Established in 2010, we realised a need for house hunters to find more detailed information on developments. Search for property online, and it quickly becomes apparent how fragmented the industry is. Whilst your results will list a few portals, the remainder will no doubt consist of a smattering of development agents and a number of other middle men. But, when you decide to narrow your search down to secure residential communities (gated residential/leisure/eco developments, sectional title schemes, farm villages or apartment blocks), even the best existing contenders have serious shortcomings. One level deeper lies off-plan properties where no ground has been broken, and, it seems, no search portal has dared to venture.

Try as we may, finding an online product that stacked up to the rigorous demands of our property developer clients proved virtually impossible. So we built one.

Our dedicated team work together from offices in Cape Town, South Africa, where we have fixed our sights on making the serious business of finding a home intuitive, all encompassing and maybe even a little bit fun! This is only the beginning, and we are continually adding cool new features. Have a look through our product specifications listed below. Better yet, get registered, browse our website and search for some property of your own.

Every Last Detail

Deciding where to live is a big decision, and the investment in a property requires a thorough comparison of all the options. Our frustration at the general lack of complete real development information has fueled the development of HelloHouse, where we wish to create a living space for every last property detail. So, from specifications to pricing, from images to floorplans and everything in-between, we strive to equip you with all the information required as you journey from prospective buyer to homeowner.

Up-to-the-minute Information

In a world that is burdened with information overload, we realise that the last thing you need is more useless data pushed your way. That is why we provide subscribers to HelloHouse with the opportunity to receive only mission critical property information. This includes immediate notification of new releases that match your preferences.

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Your opinion counts

We value your input as we pursue our obsession of helping property buyers find their perfect match. Please talk to us!

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