For sale in The Heights Estate


A list of units for The Heights Estate giving a detailed breakdown of what is available for sale.

Price Range
Label Price Status Plans Unit Size unit.block.label Phase
181 R929,000  Available E A10
182 R949,000  Available F A10
183 R719,000  Available C A10
184 R719,000  Available C A10
185 R929,000  Available E A10
186 R899,000  Available E A10
187 R919,000  Available F A10
188 R689,000  Available C A10
189 R689,000  Available C A10
190 R899,000  Available E A10
191 R889,000  Available E A10
192 R909,000  Available F A10
193 R679,000  Available C A10
194 R679,000  Available C A10
195 R889,000  Available E A10
196 R869,000  Available E A10
197 R889,000  Available F A10
198 R659,000  Available C A10
199 R659,000  Available C A10
200 R869,000  Available E A10