Sitari Country Estate - Signature Collection & Country Plots

Sitari Country Estate, Western Cape, South Africa

From R1,004,000

Sitari Country Estate - Signature Collection and Premium Country Plots, within an exclusive secure estate in Somerset West, Western Cape

Limited Properties Available | From R 1 004 000 to R 1 665 000, no transfer duty payable.

Signature Collection Plots and a selection of Premium Country Plots. 

  • Accredited panel of architects and builders. 
  • Pre-approved list of professional suppliers. 
  • Limited availability. 
  • Unparalleled property offerings which have been meticulously considered and are intended for the discerning buyer. 
  • The Signature Collection consists of the finest offerings and are perfectly positioned along the Central Formal Park Spine. 

Nestled in Somerset West, in the gentle embrace of the Hottentots Holland Mountain range, lies the idyllic Sitari Country Estate. A place where the lifestyle of yesteryear merges seamlessly with luxurious conveniences of modern-day living. A place where olive groves, orchards, water features and landscaped gardens are subtly intertwined with a security system unparalleled in South Africa. 

A property development in Cape Town, South Africa that offers residential luxury and premium apartments, village and country homes and a Country Clubhouse, an exclusive Curro School and shopping centre. A residential estate where technology works in perfect partnership with nature, allowing residents to experience the true meaning of intelligent and connected living. 

Sitari Country Estate’s landscaping is reminiscent of old Cape farm landscapes, and elements of these have been brought into the planning and design. An abundance of orchards with olives, limes, lemons, oranges, figs, pomegranates and pears will instill a farm-like feel within the open spaces.

For sale in this development


Vacant land available to buyers who would like to build their own home.

Plot Size (m2)
450.0 – 719.0
R1,004,000 – R1,665,000

Individual units or stands that are available for sale on this development

R0 – R1,665,000
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  • Curro Castle and Curro School
  • 14km Cycle and running route
  • Revolutionary gym
  • Central park spine with windmill, gardens and water features
  • Various orchards, meadows and play parks
  • 22 Hectare wetland with timber decks and bird hides
  • Country Clubhouse with offices, restaurant, kids’ play zone, resort-style pool and day spa
  • Future Fibre Technology with heat-sensitive triggers
  • Entrance through the Main Gatehouse
  • Biometric readers, number plate recognition as well as 24/7 manned access control at both main and secondary gatehouses
  • Fencing of 3.0m in height surrounding the estate, featuring under-digging, serrated strips, anti-cutting, and anti-climbing with electrics on top.
  • Security control room, on-site sales team, estate management centre and offices within the Main Gatehouse
  • Estate cameras including thermal technology with full night vision
  • Lifestyle Shopping Centre


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