From R275,000

Simbithi Eco-Estate lies 30 minutes north of South Africa's third largest city, Durban, on the Dolphin Coast. KwaZulu Natal, aptly called South Africa's garden province, forms the East coast of South Africa, stretching from Mozambique in the North to Port Edward in the South.

Simbithi Eco-Estate is a natural coastal paradise with dense, indigenous riverine vegetation, lush valley wetlands, undulating hills and distant, breathtaking vistas. Indeed Simbithi has secured the most wonderous views, both seaward and inland. It is a way of preserving nature, as much as it is a way of preserving a lifestyle, that in the rush of today's world, you might not have ever imagined.

Simbithi Eco-Estate has been planned with one thing in mind, to give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature and embrace a lifestyle in harmony with your natural environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in the heart of KwaZulu Natal's northern coastline, lies Simbithi, a 430-hectare Eco-Estate.?

For sale in this development


Vacant land available to buyers who would like to build their own home.

Plot Size (m2)
989.0 – 2910.0
R275,000 – R1,460,000


  • Creche
  • Sports Oval
  • Simbithi Golf and Country Club
  • Guinea Fowl Pond
  • Rainbird Pools
  • Weaver Dam
  • Falcon Dam
  • Moorhen Pond
  • Flycatcher Dam
  • Ibis Pond
  • Francolin Pond
  • Kingfisher Pond
  • Cuckoo Pond
  • Hornbill Dam
  • Heron Dam
  • Fish Eagle Dam
  • Warbler Pool
  • Hammerkop Pond
  • Harrier Dam
  • Wagtail Pool
  • Spoon Bill Pond
  • Swallow Pools
  • Sandpiper Dam
  • Dabchick Pond
  • Ilongwe Pond
  • Oriole Pond
  • Pelican Pond
  • Hoepoe Pond
  • Cormorant Dam
  • Waxbill Dam
  • iLala
  • Ethafeni
  • Tamboti
  • Sabuti
  • Ilanga
  • Ezulweni
  • Emoyeni
  • Savanna
  • Thompson's Bay Gate
  • Sunrise Pedestrian Gate
  • Shaka's Gate South
  • Sunrise Gate
  • Ballito Gate
  • Clubhouse Gate
  • Main Gate
  • Shaka's Gate North
  • Boutique Hotel, Wellness Centre and Spa
  • Shops and Offices
  • Kingfisher Community Centre
  • Heron Damn Community Centre
  • Equestrian Centre
  • Community Centre
  • Electricity Substation
  • Seehoa Offices


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