Anistemi - Retirement Village

Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa

For sale in Anistemi - Retirement Village


A list of units for Anistemi - Retirement Village giving a detailed breakdown of what is available for sale.

Price Range
Label Price Status Plans Build Price Stand Price
1 R1,001,000  Available Type 2A R751,000 R250,000
2 R1,031,000  Available Type 2B R781,000 R250,000
3 R1,050,000  Available Type 2C R800,000 R250,000
4 R1,126,000  Available Type 2D R876,000 R250,000
5 R1,152,000  Available Type 2E R902,000 R250,000
6 R1,177,000  Available Type 2F R927,000 R250,000
7 R1,178,000  Available Type 3A R928,000 R250,000
8 R1,204,000  Available Type 3B R954,000 R250,000
9 R1,229,000  Available Type 3C R979,000 R250,000
10 R1,168,000  Available Type 3D R918,000 R250,000
11 R1,194,000  Available Type 3E R944,000 R250,000
12 R1,219,000  Available Type 3F R969,000 R250,000