Blaming the Tools

Every golfer has blamed their tools at some stage or another and some psychologists would argue that letting the clubs take the rap for a poor shot or poor performance is not necessarily a bad thing for pre serving the self-belief of the player.

However, it must be said that the modern golfer has more help from the golf clubs he or she ...

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Taking your training outdoors

For some of us, today’s fast-paced, technology focussed lifestyle has meant that our greatest outdoor adventure comes from walking to and from our cars.

Exercising outdoors has many advantages for South Africans. Training in our predominantly long tropical summers increase our vitamin D exposure benefits-vitamin-d...

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Fibre to the home with Eagle Canyon

High-speed broadband in South Africa has been substantially lagging in comparison to the rest of the world. Vodacom is leading the charge towards the deployment of high-speed fibre access throughout the country with their Vodacom Fibre service, a premium lifestyle service offering that allows customers ...

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Visonaries: John Rabie

John Rabie is a man with vision. Having started the Rabie Property Group in 1978 with partner Leon Cohen, the property guru has, over the last three decades, cultivated the ability to see beyond barren land and envisage an urban landscape, creating commercial and residential developments from concept to...

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The Renovation Project - Indoors

Renovating your properties can add value yet the likelihood of getting a return on investment is a fundamental concern for homeowners.

Research shows that an average refurbishment can add a healthy 10% to the value of the home if homeowners spend less and spend wisely. “House renovations can ...

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The Renovation Project - Outdoors

Landscaping can transform the look and feel of a garden and, although it might not necessarily add financial value to the home, it will certainly help to improve the quality of life, especially in the warmer months

It’s easy to forget about your garden and let it get overgrown and untidy, especially during the winter months. Yet gardens are an extension of ...

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De Zalze Golf Estate - A walk in the winelands

Situated perfectly between the Blaauwklippen River and the Stellenbosch mountains, De Zalze Golf Estate offers guests and visitors a lifestyle like no other – where luxury, entertainment and comfort meet to bring you a slice of the good life. The future of the 300-hectare estate was secured when permission was granted in 1996 for its development on the three ...

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Water Water Everywhere

As golfers, we could say, with sincere and humble apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‘water, water everywhere and still the greens want more to drink’. Of course, if Mr. Coleridge had been in the golf turf management business, these might well have been his own words.

Sustainable and environmentally sensitive golf course designs (or redesigns) and ...

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FLISP – The Missing Money

When it comes to buying a property, money talks. Between bonds, cash offers and asking prices, the process is driven by it. What many first time home buyers don’t know is that there is a government subsidy in place to assist in purchasing property, and many are missing out.

FLISP, or Finance Linked Individual Subsidy ...

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Are all security estates equal?

My childhood is filled with memories of hot summer days spent outside playing street cricket with my brothers and riding my bright pink bicycle around the neighbourhood with the girl next door. My mother would attempt to usher in our tired, grubby bodies at dusk as we would plead for one more ride around the block or ‘just five more minutes’ with our friends.

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