Why we are gaga over Golf Estates

Why we are gaga over Golf Estates

Nothing screams 'lifestyle of the rich and the famous' louder than living on a golf estate. While we might admit, in the past, that golf estate living was reserved only for a certain elite, these aspirational living estates are fast becoming an affordable reality.

Why we love them and you should, too...

Immaculate gardens and space to roam free, okay; so not quite roam free but there is definitely enough space to roam around, and who wouldn’t want the perfect lawn that you don’t have to personally look after.

Speaking of spaces, living on a golf estate affords one the opportunity to play golf all year round at no additional cost. So whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur starting out, you can get your practice in and lower your handicap in your own backyard…literally.

Even if you’re not so keen on the game, the opportunity to just enjoy the scenery of a well laid out golf course is reason enough. With the elaborate design of golf courses nowadays, you could spend weekends exploring your surroundings without having to venture too far from home.

Why we are gaga over Golf Estates

Golf estates also boast some of the best 24HR security. So you won’t need to worry about unexpected guests or intruders; although you might encounter a golfer retrieving a wayward ball or two from your “garden”.

There has been a general school of thought that golf estates aren’t economical and definitely not suited to families. However, this is completely inaccurate. Many modern golf estates are more water-wise than your average household (we can thank Ian and Gary Player for that), and as for raising a family, how are rolling hills, space to play and 24HR security not perfectly suited to a family lifestyle?

Besides families and avid golfers, golf estates are also suited to retirees, wanting to spend their golden years relaxing or staying active with a mid-week round of golf.

With such a delicate mix of individuals, nothing will compare to the sense of community a golf estate will bring. Can you picture it, sipping on an Old Fashioned at the club house, listening to the chit-chat of the local golfers, all ready to give you that top tip on how to improve your swing? ...We can, and we love it.

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